The Young Student who bravely went into Battle armed only with his Camera – Tihomir “Tuna” Tunuković

On this day in 1992, camerman Tihomil “Tuna” Tunuković killed while on assignment in the vicinity of Travnik in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Born in Zagreb on June 30, 1967, Tunuković completed his education in Appled Arts and began studies in Film and Videography at the Academy of Dramatic Arts in Zagreb in 1989. As a student in early 1991 he worked as a cameraman on the battlefields throughout Croatia and Bosnaa-Herzegovina for many foreign TV networks such at the BBC, CNN, NBC, SKY and RAI and was wounded on assignment in Vinkovci, Croatia in 1991.

Along with colleagues Vanja Černjul, Kraso Gančev, Hrvoje Hribar, Svebor Kranjc and Hrvoje Štefotić, Tunuković established the independent production company Tuna Film in 1992, produced the war documentary “Mozart 1991” and was posthumously honoured by the short animated feature “Enya”.

He also produced material for feature films, television and music videos and was a member of the “Mladost” Croatian Academic Rugby Club. He died while on assignment for the BBC around Travnik in Bosnia. Some say it was a result of a tank shell while others contend it was an anti-aircraft shell from Serbian positions. Not even the fact that he was driving in a British vehicle with clear press markings could prevent being targeted by the enemy.

In memory of his passing, we have prepared a video collage comprised of his reports and footage.

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