Croatian Forces liberate the Village of Zvečevo

On 17 December 1991, the enemy stronghold of Zvečevo was liberated by Croatian forces during Operation “PAPUK 91”.

A terrorist training center existed in Zvečevo from the outset of the war and the headquarters of the Territorial Defense for Western Slavonia was also located in this village in the heart of the Papuk Mountain area. After the members of the 136th Slatina Brigade liberated Voćin on 15 December 1991, it obvious that Zvečevo would be next and Croatian forces did not want a repeat of the massacre in Voćin where Chetnik Serbian paramilitaries razed and destroyed the village and nearby weekend settlements. When the 123rd Požega Brigade liberated Kamenski Vučjak and took control of the area between Kamenska and Novo Zvečevo, this forced the Serb units that remained in Zvečevo to retreat along the forest roads in the direction of Kamenska and Bučje.

Finally, in the morning hours of 17 December, the forces of the 123rd Požega Brigade of the Croatian Army had partially surrounded Zvečevo following an attack from Gornji Vrhovci and Kamenski Vučjak. The smaller number of Serb forces that remained fled upon the arrival of Croatian troops and one enemy soldier was killed during the battle. There were no dead among the ranks of the Croatian Army although four soldiers were wounded, three seriously and one slightly.

During a search of the area, the Croats found two anti-aircraft cannons, one cannon of unknown calibre and some ammunition and light weapons left behind by Serbian forces. With the liberation of Novi Zvečevo, the Gornji Vrhovci – Kamenski Vučjak – Novo Zvečevo – Voćin route was secured which opened the Pakrac – Bučje – Kamenska – Požega road. Croatian forces used this important route the next day when they liberated the villages of Klisa, Nježić, Šušnjari, Kruševo, Striježevica, Bogdašić, Amatovci, Kamenski Šeovci, Mihajlije and Mrkoplje.

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