The Liberation of Korita during Operation “HURRICANE 91”

On the order of the Posavina Operational Group Command, the second phase of “HURRICANE 91”, the largest operation of Croatian forces in western Slavonia was launched at the beginning of December 1991. The initial goal was to cut transportation links between Okučani and Lipik that were extremely important to the enemy forces of the Yugoslav People’s Army and rebel Serbs. One of the main thrusts of the attack was from Korita towards Lipik.

Heavy battles were fought for the village of Korita on several occasions and the final attack by Croatian forces was launched on 4 December 1991. After a full day of combat, the enemy was surrounded and lines around Korita were held through the night and into the next day. Croatian forces paid special attention to routes such as Jagma and Gornja Subocka from where assistance from enemy forces could arrive. A few kilometres away that same day, Croatian forces set out to liberate Lipik and the troops from the Bjelovar Operational Zone provided support for the attack on Korita. Fierce fighting also took place on 6 December when the enemy was pushed deep into the village and after several unsuccessful attempts, it was finally liberated on 7 December 1991.

After several days of fighting, by a strong tank and infantry attack and after fighting for every house which the Chetnik hordes turned into real bunkers, we drove the enemy out of the village of Korita and the front line was moved to the point where the village of Jagma was within our reach.

Daily report of the Posavina Operational Group

It was the 1st A “Tigers” Brigade of the Croatian National Guard (CNG) supported by the sabotage platoon of the 117th Koprivnica Brigade of the Croatian Army that successfully broke the defense of the village turned into a Chetnik stronghold by “White Eagles” Serbian paramilitary units. The 2nd Battalion led by company commanders Tomo Medved and Božo Kožul along with the 4th Battalion led by company commander Damir “Gavran” Tomljanović bore the burden of the combat operations and Ivan Ljubić and Mario Štivin of the “Tigers” were killed in action.

The victory at Korita opened paths for further advance of Croatian forces as the 6th “Tigers” Battalion launched a frontal attack on Jagma the morning of 8 December and freed the village that same day while Gornja and Donja Subocka were liberated on 9 December.

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