The War Crime in Bizovac

On 7 November 1991, Yugoslav People’s Army (YPA) jets attacked the railway tracks, railway stations and houses in Feričanci Našice, Breznica Našička, Niza, Koška and Bizovac on the Virovitica-Osijek railway line with intent to destroy the only supply route between western and eastern Croatia. That day is remembered as the most tragic day in the recent history of Bizovac, a village located 18 kilometres west of Osijek.

The initial attack targeted Hotel Termia near Bizovačke Toplice where the Croatian soldier Josip Marinić was killed by the force of a detonating missile at the entrance to the hotel. One hour later, an air strike by enemy fighter jets attempted to destroy the railway station and instead the projectiles fired severely damaged several residential homes.

In another airstrike, a MIG-21 jet fired deadly missiles into the very center of Bizovac which was full of civilians and workers on the way home from work. Among the dead were traffic police, employees of the department store and passers-by. In that attack 8 people were killed, including an 11 year-old boy while over 20 people were injured. Despite the initiation of court proceedings for this crime, no one has ever been prosecuted by the Croatian judiciary.

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